Made by pilots for pilots

We have been in the industry for 30 years, located in Hong Kong. We have helicopter pilot, fixed wing instructor, and a number of very sophisticated engineer in our team; we also have close connection to commercial airline pilot.  
We produce our products referencing on our hands on flying experience and knowledge with the real aircrafts. Our scope is to make our simulator systems affordable to home users, yet having the best possible quality and standards.

Now you have the opportunity to improve your flying ability from the comfort of your own with our unique affordable simulation controls

Cyclic, Collective and Rudder Pedals, built with solid construction and equipped with custom dampers giving a realistic and natural comparison to these popular aircrafts.

Our product list is always expanding, email us  your needs, custom design and configuration is avaliable.
Product: R22 Single system
My MaxFlightStick is brilliant, its saving me time and money getting my co-ordination up from scratch between lessons. My hovering is coming on really well. Thanks!  
        Malcolm Wild, Student PPL(H) UK

Product: R22 and B206 Package
I spent some time with the Robinson setup on the system you sent me and I love it. It takes a bit of getting used to but it is absolutely fantastic.
Thanks for your patience and thanks for putting the time in to make something in this area that is affordable, because very little that comes close to the real this is affordable. In some cases you might as ell go out and get the real thing. Thank you.
        Stuart Austwick, USA

Product: R22 Single system
Works flawlessly and really gives the heliflight feeling. (i have a R22 and R44 rating in RL)
        Ben Ven Boom, Netherland

Product: R22 and B206 Package with Detent Button twist throttle
Everything was working fantastic, perfect and realistic for SIMULATOR.
        Trieu Tran, USA

Product: R22 aircraft AddOn
There is indeed a improvement over the default r22.  It does seem to fly closer to how I remember it.Many Thanks.
        Donald Putnam, UK

Product: R22 Single system
It is brilliant the only positive criticism I could give you is to have a spring feel like on joystick with force feedback.
        Colin Smith, South Africa

Product: R22 Single system
Every thing looks great!
I assembled the parts last night, and I had my first test flight this morning. All the controllers works excelent!
It was a new experience to fly helicopter in FS now! I am very happy with your product.
        Vidar Solheim, Norway

Product: MaxFighter + Custom mod
I am enjoying it! It is very good quality and has good accurate control system.  I may in the future purchase the B206 collective with twist grip.
        Neville Stewart, UK

Product: Safari with Twist throttle
I have already installed the system and it works great...
        Libor Szojka, Czech Repulic

Product: B206 with Idle Release Detent button
I am very impressed. This is the first time I have tried a Flightsim, and your system made it very easy, I was up and flying instantly. It feels like the real thing. Great product and I will recommend it to everyone.
        Brian Prescott, USA

Product: B206 with Idle Release Detent button
Yesterday I received package from our customs and everything is superb and OK. Very good product.
        Srecko Trstenjak, Slovenia
Aug 2009

Twist throttle for our R22/R44 System.
Twist throttle with Idle release detent button for our Jet Ranger System.
Reconfigured Cessna, R22, B206 aircraft addon for FS9 and FSX with custom skin and greatly improved flight characteristics.
Electrode Plated Paint Finishing for all our Rotor Wing Products as an option.
Twist throttle upgrade package for existing customers.

Jun 2009

MaxFighter (New system on production)
Improved Collective design
Improved R22 Cyclic design
Maxflightstick is compatible with Mac OSX now
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R22/R44 Standard System

        US$650 + Shipping

R22/R44 System with Twist Throttle

        US$900 + Shipping

Jet Ranger Standard System

        US$700 + Shipping

Jet Ranger with Idle Release Detent Twist Throttle

        US$1030 + Shipping

Safari Standard System
US$650 + Shipping

Safari System with Twist Throttle

        US$900 + Shipping

Rotorway Standard System
US$650 + Shipping

Rotorway System with Twist Throttle

        US$900 + Shipping

Huges 300 / 500 Standard System
US$700 + Shipping

Huges 300 / 500 System with Twist Throttle

        US$950 + Shipping

Eurocopter EC135 Standard

        US$700 + Shipping

Eurocopter EC135 with Twist Throttle

        US$950 + Shipping

Cessna Flight Yoke System

US$550 + Shipping

Differential Braking Rudders

        US$300 + Shipping

Cessna Package System

        US$800 + Shipping

MaxFighter Standard

        US$600 + Shipping

Fixed + Rotor Wing Package

        US$750 + Shipping
Robinson R22 (Download)
Reconfigured flight characteristics to match the real R22


Jet Ranger B206 (Download)
Reconfigured flight characteristics to match the real B206


Cessna C172, C182 (Download)
Reconfigured flight characteristics to match the real Cessna

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R22/R44 + Jet Ranger Package with Twist Throttle and Idle Release detent Button
PLUS BOTH our customised R22 and B206 Aircrafts Add On.
ONLY $1300 + Shipping

Cessna Package System
PLUS our customised Cessna Aircraft Add On.
ONLY $805 + Shipping

Fixed + Rotor Wing Package (Options for Heli Throttle)
ONLY $950 + Shipping
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B206 with Twist and Detent
R22/R44 System with Twist Throttle
B206 Standard
R22/R44 Standard System
Safari Standard
Safari with Twist
Rotorway Standard
Rotorway with Twist
H300/H500 Standard
H300/500 Twist
Sep 2010

Our systems has been sold to 25 countries!

Thanks to all the request made for custom aircrafts, now our fleet has grown even bigger!
New systems including controls for Safari, Eurocopters, Rotorway, and Huges helicopters. All with their distinct characteristics.

Good news for those driving simulator / game enthusiast. We have a brand new heavy duty fully metal constructed ebrake system with mounting options. It adds so much realism and fun to the racing / drifting / rally simulators.
Email us for more infos.
Euro Standard