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Mi8-2024 MAX


  2nd generation of our Mi-8 model

  • All grips and collective front box in standard version are industrial grade SLA resin prints with high impact resistance
  • All grips and collective front box in metal version are industrial grade powder metal printing in Aluminum


  •    Hall Effect Sensors for all axes
  •    12 bit analog digital converter for all axes
  •    Cyclic: 1 x Force trim button, 1 x Weapon release button, 1 x Autopilot disengage button, 1 x ICS push to talk radio switch
  •    Twist throttle collective: 1 x Emergency cargo release button, 1 x Search light control HAT, 1 x tactical external stores jettison button, 1 x Clutch release button, 2 x Engine conditional levers 
  •    7 configurable axes    (X/Y Cyclic axis, Throttle axis, Collective axis, Rudder Axis, 2 x ECLs)
  •    Rudder equipped with solid metal rudder pedals, high quality ball joints, ball bearings and our in house pistons x2
  •    In house pistons provides hydraulic feel feedback on all axes
  •    Realistic Cyclic/ Rudder/ Collective / Throttle/ ECLs travel distance
  •    Adjustable aluminum frame
  •    Adjustable position for cyclic, rudder, twist throttle collective, and ECLs
  •    High resolution movements  
  •    Easy Setup  
  •    Mounting Options
  •    Compatible with Windows XP to Win11, Mac OS, DCS, MSFS2020, FSX, X-Plane, P3D, FlightGear, WarThunder, and all flying PC game / Flight simulator!
  •    Plug and Play with 1 USB connections


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