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Cyclic top OH58D

$484.00 $538.00

3rd generation of our KIOWA OH-58 model (Without cyclic base)

All grips and standard version are industrial grade SLA resin prints with high impact resistance (ships in 2 weeks)

All grips front box in metal version are industrial grade powder metal printing in Aluminum (ships in 4 weeks)

Close up photos of our OH58 cyclic top


Weapon Select
Optical Display Assembly Switch / ODA
Flare Dispense
Missile Step
Trim Release
Display Select
Missile Activate
Weapon Fire
SCAS Release
ICS/Radio Duo Trigger

18 Programmable buttons (Duo stage trigger)

Aluminum tube connects to cyclic base with 2 bolts

1 LAN cable connection to our Control box 2024 (USB)

Compatible with all MaxFlightStick cyclic base and other brands (with adapters)

Compatible and expandable to mix and match with any of our products
Compatible with Windows XP to Win11, Mac OS, DCS, MSFS2020, MSFS2024, FSX, X-Plane, P3D, FlightGear, WarThunder, and all flying PC game / Flight simulator!

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