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Metal Variant FAQ

1) Will it be offered for all products?

We have a new metal variant for all products.


2) Will we be able to still buy the plastic ones?

Yes, all our plastics are now industrial grade resin printed SLA with high impact resistance.


3) What's the price range going to be? How much more expensive is it compared with the plastic ones?

The metal line up will add around US$250-500 to the price tag depending on the setup. Made by industrial grade powder metal printing in Aluminum.


4) When will it be available? What's the delivery time on these?

They are available right now and delivery time is 4 weeks.


5) Can I somehow upgrade my current kit with the metal parts only? What will that cost me?

Most of our cyclic top will be available for purchased individually, so once you have a base, the top can be switched. The cost of metal cyclic grips would add $100-200 to the price of the cyclic top depending on the model.

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