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MaxFighter 2017

by Max Un
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MaxFlightStick Cyclic and pistons movement @ AW101 mockup

by Max Un
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A customer's setup

by mdbuehler
This video was made by one of our customers. mdbuehler's youtube channel
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Welcome to

Made by pilots for pilots

The team: Commercial airline Captain, Fixed Wing instructor, Helicopter pilot, and a number of sophisticated engineers.

We have been in the industry for over a decade. First in Asia! Located in Hong Kong. We produce our products referencing on our flying experience and knowledge with real aircrafts. Our scope is to make our simulator systems affordable to home users, yet having the best possible quality and standards for the professional users.

Our range of products is always expanding, email us if the system you want is not already on our shelves. We do all kinds of custom builds, including replication of full size cockpits for both Fixed and Rotorwings. 
Your perfect simulator is just an email away!

Affordable Helicopter Simulator Control Systems

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